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This is the point from where everything happens. From that spot, decisions are made - It's your "Board Room" - your executive chair.


This is the Outline - What must we do and how will we get it done? Then we create a Plan of Action - and we go from there.


We get rolling! We get good footing on all conditions, and build speed. We don't want ordinary wheels - we want you to use your best RACE WHEELS!


The Gears provide power and speed. You may have to "shift gears" to make progress.


No - it's not your boss or the in-laws - it's your legs powering you. It's the force that move your Goals and Objectives to the finish line.


"HOLD ON!" and steer in the right direction. The Handlebars are your action plan - something you can lean on and use to steer through difficult situations.


Good brakes prevent catastrophes and pile ups. Brakes help you slow down when you're descending a hill so you can maintain or regain your direction.



The following are a few of the presentations/trainings Dr. Thom has completed in the past.

Investing in the "ME" Corporation - Inspired by an article from the Wall Street Journal, this presentation addresses the need to take time to "invest" in ourselves and relationships. The dividends from this presentation have been persistently high.

Accepting the Challenge of Change - "Change happens!" Unfortunately for some, it is not well received. People have a difficult time with change and many times become handicapped and stuck. Inspired by Wayne Dwyer's best seller Your Erroneous Zones, Flamboe presents a lively and humorous look at the many ways one can successfully get past change.

Finding Humor - Wherever - Originally titled "Finding Humor in the Workplace", Flamboe has had many requests for this presentation that extend outside the workplace. Flamboe uses humor in his mental health practice as well as his everyday life. His humor has its roots in his Irish heritage as well as his idols Laurel and Hardy.

Putting the Human Being Back in the Human Doing - Following the "Investing" presentation, "Putting the Human Being Back in the Human Doing" points out that many of us have become "do-ers" - either by necessity or by habit. We have become "out of touch" with friends and family and find that, many times, we don't even know our neighbors. Originally designed to address the health occupations, this presentation provides the participant with common sense ideas on how git back to "be-ing".

Peanut Butter, Self-Esteem and Other Blue Light Specials - Do you date yourself knowing what the "Blue Light Specials" were? Flamboe hopes that someday Kmart will sell his (hopefully) best selling book of the same name. The book is a collection of stories "that the kids gave me" over his 37 years of working with kids and families. It is a humorous and touching portrayal of his life and his work with children of all ages and issues. The conclusion of this presentation is perhaps one of the best you have ever heard!!


Thom can also present a variety of interactive trainings, including:
Thom and Clark's Big Adventure - orientations, icebreakers.
Experiencing Improv

Dr. Flamboe

Notes From A Bike


Flamboe's interesting background includes:

Music - High school rock band, college folk group, and in his "later years", The Moccasin Creek Bluegrass Nightcrawlers. Lately, he experiments playing the Blues with a newly acquired Fender Strat and Telecaster.

Theater - Over 20 Main Stage shows for the Aberdeen Community Theater and Storybook Land Theater Company. He has received "Best Actor" awards, including with an ensemble group for a 48 Hour Film Festival film.

Education -
B.S. in Special Education - Eastern Michigan University
M.S. in Communication Disorders - University of Wyoming
M.Ed. in Counseling - Northern State University
Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The Union Institute and University Certified in Sports Counseling

Athletics - Cycling - Currently holds 6 South Dakota state records and 9 Gold Medals, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronze Medals in the State Senior Games from the states of Wyoming and South Dakota. He has qualified twice for the Senior National Games. He is sponsored by ZIPP Speed Weaponry bicycle wheels! All coming after the tender age of 50.

Spent the last 36 years working with babies, kids, parents, educators and anybody who would listen. He also teaches at Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota.


Dr. Thom Flamboe began his work in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in the fall of 1982 when he moved from Laramie, Wyoming.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Thom has degrees from Eastern Michigan University, the University of Wyoming, Northern State University, and the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Presentation College.

Dr. Thom has worked with children, parents, and families since 1970 in a variety of roles. He has been an educator, counselor, special educator, family counselor, communication specialist and a nationally-known lecturer.

He has received several awards for his work including the "Outstanding Alumni of the Year" from Eastern Michigan University and "The Best Storyteller in the Dakotas" at the 1998 Dakota Storytelling Festival. He is an active member of the Aberdeen Community Theater and a past recipient of the "Best Actor" award in during the State Community Theater One-Act Play competition.

He is a gold medal winning cyclist both in South Dakota and Wyoming, holds 5 state cycling records and has qualified for the National Senior Games to be held June 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky.

He is close to finishing his book "Can You Fix Him? Voices of the Children from the Plains".

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